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MARCAS Commodities

Ship Supply Chain

An Independent Contracting Association

The Ship Supply Chain (SSC) aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the services we offer to our clients, by maximising purchasing power and by lowering the cost of service delivery.

The SSC business unit brings together Procurement, MARCAS, Oceanic Catering, V.Ships Agency and V.Travel.

Supply chain management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement and logistics management.  It also includes the crucial components of coordination and collaboration between suppliers and customers. 

Supply chain strategies require that value must be added throughout the chain by driving out unnecessary costs, focusing on increasing efficiency and removing bottlenecks.

The Supply chain systems must be responsive to customer requirements and measure performance indicators to ensure continuous product improvement.

Procurement service

Procurement is a critical part of ship management activities. How well we purchase for our clients is key to our overall performance as part of the ships’ operating costs.

There are around 70 people who work in procurement around the various SMD offices and in Centralised Purchasing Locations (CPLs).

The Procurement Board coordinates matters between the business needs and the SSC solution providers. The Procurement Board aims to drive the purchasing strategy across the Group, always trying to find the best solution for our clients.

Day to day, the procurement staff are responsible for managing purchase quotes and order process for the managed fleet – covering spare parts, lubricant oils, paints, ship chandlers, technical services and any other required commodities or services. MARCAS contracts support the procurement staff in ensuring the group’s volume is used to maximise purchasing power.

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